The Nicky Lodge is an inviting home settled in the Cuyabeno Reserve, that provides guests with the closest access available to the Laguna Grande.

Nicky Amazon Lodge Laguna Grande, allows travelers to explore the high part of the Cuyabeno River. Because of its close location to Laguna Grande, visitors can admire some of the most precious ecosystems of the amazon basin, like the the flooded forest and Igapo.

For ultimate adventure seekers we also offer the Lagartococha Tour for 7 days. With these excursions we have the opportunity to camp in a variety of places deep in the Cuyabeno Reserve. The tour takes passengers to upper and lower parts of the reserve. After stopping at the border of Peru, we can navigate along the Cuyabeno and Aguarico and explore the Lagartococha Lakes.

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Sustainable Tourism

We recognize that our operation involves the environment, culture, and communities that are sensitive to external intervention. That is why we have made it our responsibility to support the local communities we work with by providing them with an income and helping them them develop in a more organic way. We hope to provide positive cultural exchanges and to operate in a sustainable way.

Our partnerships with local Amazon communities are an essential part of our operation in the Cuyabeno Reserve. We work with the Siona, Kichwa, and Secoya local communities to promote environmental education and their traditional customs. Meanwhile, these locals have become apart of our team by working as guides, motor canoe drives, and by helping us in a variety of other ways. We aim to empower these local communities by providing them with careers that are sourced from an ethical and responsible tourism company.


Environmental Policy

Responsible tourism is a key point in our corporate philosophy. We truly care about these communities, our environment, and more than anything, we want to have a lasting positive effect. Because of this, we have established an environmental policy that is a commitment to do just this. Aspects of our tours involve: environmental respect, social commitment, and ethical, well managed operations.

During our excursions, we not only want our guests to enjoy themselves, but to also learn about the importance of the Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve and its bountiful biodiversity.

“Save the rainforest, it is home to more biodiversity than any other ecosystem and it is the key to protecting the planet’s health and curbing climate change…”