Wander amongst ancient trees and take time to explore flooded forests buzzing with wildlife. Every twist and turn creates a new challenge providing a fascinating insight into the world’s most complex eco-systems. Whatever your interest are – from bird watching to hiking – there’s adventurous activity for everyone to enjoy.

During a trip to the jungle, our visitors may participate in the following:

  • Hike into the rainforest and learn about medicinal and practical uses of the plants
  • At 06h00 am early activities, canoe rides, Dolphin observation and bird watching
  • Visit a salt lick of parrots and parakeets (exposed clay bank)
  • Night walks to observe insects, spiders, snakes and listen to nocturnal animals songs
  • Botany observation
  • Climb the Kichwa Bird watching Tower to enjoy a magnificent view of the canopy and emergent part of the Rainforest
  • Travel by canoe at night to search for Caimans (Alligators)
  • Paddling by Dugout canoe to enjoy the sounds of the jungle
  • Captivating lectures given by Naturalist Guides
  • Native Siona – Kichwa family visit