Nicki Lodge is the only lodge in the Cuyabeno Reserve that has two locations to offer their guests: one near Laguna Grande and the other in the lower part of the Aguarico River. Please ask your agent for the availability for these Lodges.

Nicky Amazon Lodge Laguna Grande, offers the opportunity to explore the high part of the Cuyabeno River. It was designed for people who want to visit the Laguna Grande, where it is possible to admire one of the particular ecosystems of the amazon basin; the flooded forest or Igapo.

Nicky Amazon Lodge has – without doubt – the best location of all the lodges in the Cuyabeno National Park. It is situated exactly on the lower part of the Aguarico River. Because of it’s unique location that is further away from the National Park Entrance, it is less likely to run into other Amazon tourists during the excursions. A quiet and peaceful environment is crucial for spotting of all kinds of wildlife.

For ultimate adventure seekers we also offer the Lagartococha Tour for 7 days. With these excursions we have the opportunity to camp in the different places deep in the Cuyabeno Reserve. The tour goes to upper and lower parts of the reserve, navigating along the Cuyabeno & Aguarico rivers until the border with Peru and exploration in the Lagartococha Lakes.

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